Each ingredient is selected by Doctor Rizza, a Naturopath, who chooses the botanicals to fit with juniper, a dominant herb in gin. Italian juniper berries, coriander seeds, and angelica roots are the base for a London Dry Gin, we add in lemon peels, olive leaves, myrtle leaves alongside local Favignana botanicals that are indigenous to this island: Roman chamomile, Helichrysum, sweet mint, rosemary, verbena and wormwood.

The notes of lemon and mint give freshness to the pallet, while the sweetness of the chamomile balance the bitterness offered by juniper and absinthe. Helicrysum and myrtle add structure to the recipe. Together the ingredients offer an authentic artisan flavour experience, creamy and well balanced; a rare expression of Favignana soil and its untouched ecosystem.

Our botanicals are nocturnally watered from an artisan well, which means the water is naturally a little bit salty. Which the native ingredients in our gin have evolved with. Meaning the rare resource that water is in this area is easily respected.

We distil the gin in mainland Italy. This is because the island of Favignana is the biggest protected maritime area in Europe and the distillation process, which requires alcohol to burn at 96Ā°C, would be too dangerous in that zone.