The Favignana ISLAND

Taking in inspiration from the surroundings of our untouched island, the depth of our cultural heritage, and our love for the earth that sustains us, we have created Favignana to reflect the flavour of botanicals harvested from healthy soil, which captures the essence of the spirit of our culture. 

Yet we are doing much more than making gin and spirits, we are regenerating the soil, enhancing the biosphere, and protecting Favignana’s botanical and cultural heritage.

It’s dirty hands, hard work, full hearts, and a deep love for the terroir.

Stay wild.


Isola Di Favignana is the first genuine London Dry Gin made with botanicals exclusively from Italy and partly grown and harvested on Favignana Island.

To create the Gin, we have selected 12 botanicals with Doctor Umberto Rizza, a 3rd Generation Botanist native to Favignana. The ingredients have been selected for their deep aromatic complexity, creating a truly unique Gin that reflects both people and place. 

The gin is allergens and gluten-free, with no artificial flavours, sweeteners or added colourings.

We are dedicated to supporting artists, farmers and creatives from Favignana Island, our label was designed by local artist Gaspare Bertolini. The glass for our bottles was created by one of the best italian glassmakers to reflect the furrows of the land that we cultivate by hand. 

The Team

We are an enthusiastic community of experienced bartenders, mixologists, chefs who have partnered with local legends, pharmacists, herbalists, farmers, foragers, botanists, all from Favignana island.

Together we share a passion for wild plants and flowers, the natural world, and enhancing biodiversity and protecting Favignana’s untouched ecosystem as the botanical treasure it is.